sidenol-enhol-3 Sidenhol Project

Sidenhol is a sustainability and circular economy JV created by Sidenor and Enhol.

It is born from combining the industrial and circular economy expertise of Sidenor, with the pioneer renewable energy and processes knowledge of Enhol.


The project is created with the ambition of translating this experience to the whole industrial sector, aiming to maximize its environmental and economic value in its transition towards sustainability.


Sidenor's industrial expertise

Sidenor is a leader manufacturer of special purpose steel, with production centers in the Basque Country, Cantabria and Catalonia.

Its business model is a paradigm of circular economy, with 100% of its steel manufactured from metal scrap. Therefore, Sidenor's activity is based on recycling this type of waste, of which processes around nine hundred thousand tons per year.

The melting process generates several byproducts, some of which are managed by Sidenor itself thanks to solutions and tools developed by the corporate R&D department.

This department is one of the largest R&D centers among European special steel manufacturers, with resources dedicated to the development of new minimization and valorization alternatives for its byproducts.

Enhol's energy knowledge

Enhol Group has a wide experience in the funding, development, construction, operation and maintenance of renewable energy projects.

Starting with its sustainable commitment in 1986 with a cogeneration plant, it was a key player in the development of renewable energies in Navarra, leveraging the regional ecosystem in the '90s. The Group grew internationally, funding, developing and building wind farms in India, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, France, Bulgaria and Spain. Nowadays, The Group has built 1GW and manages 780MW of installed capacity.

In addition, the Group has also developed industrial ventures such as a 100% sustainable sprouts and seedlings plant, setting an example of industrial circular economy by valorizing and reutilizing all its resources.